Video Themes

  • Balancing development pressures (focus on climate change)
  • Mountains nurturing communities (focus on livelihoods including mountain tourism)
  • Mountains and regional cooperation (big-picture solutions that work)
  • Messages for COP 26 (clear messages of what we need for sustainable mountains)
Video Themes


  • To raise awareness and political support for action to tackle the impacts of climate in the mountains and promote solutions for sustainable mountain development at COP 26

Target audiences

The video should be developed considering the following target audiences:

  • Regional and global public – to generate broad support for mountain action
  • Nepali public – to support Nepal’s call for action and reliance on mountains and tourism
  • Adventure tourism operators and mountain visitors worldwide, including trekkers and mountaineers
  • HKH member country decision makers – to promote the HKH Call to Action
  • COP 26 policy makers – to influence negotiations
Target audiences

Organizing Committee

The core SS21 committee comprises of Ang Tshering Sherpa, Dawa Steven Sherpa, Dr. Ganesh Gurung and Lisa Choegyal

Organizing Committee

Request for Proposal

ICIMOD’s Regional Programme on Adaptation and Resilience Building is issuing the request for proposals for a one-hour documentary video on four themes (15 min on each theme): (1) balancing development pressures, (2) mountains nurturing communities, (3) mountains and regional cooperation, and (4) messages for COP 26. The video will be part of Sustainable Summits 2021.

Please follow this link to apply:

Timeline for deliverables

No. Deliverables Completion
1 Review all collected material (available film footage, recordings, presentations); develop and agree storyboard with the SS21 organizing committee, ICIMOD, and FCDO 15 July 2021
2 One-hour documentary suitable for international and COP 26 distribution, divided into four 15-minute programmes 20 August 2021
3 Four podcasts linked to the 15-minute episodes 30 August 2021
4 Supporting promotional material including trailers and sound bites suitable for promotions, twitter, social media, sponsors, SS21 websites, etc. 15 September 2021

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