Video Themes

  • Balancing development pressures (focus on climate change)
  • Mountains nurturing communities (focus on livelihoods including mountain tourism)
  • Mountains and regional cooperation (big-picture solutions that work)
  • Messages for COP 26 (clear messages of what we need for sustainable mountains)
Video Themes


  • To raise awareness and political support for action to tackle the impacts of climate in the mountains and promote solutions for sustainable mountain development at COP 26

Target audiences

The video should be developed considering the following target audiences:

  • Regional and global public – to generate broad support for mountain action
  • Nepali public – to support Nepal’s call for action and reliance on mountains and tourism
  • Adventure tourism operators and mountain visitors worldwide, including trekkers and mountaineers
  • HKH member country decision makers – to promote the HKH Call to Action
  • COP 26 policy makers – to influence negotiations
Target audiences

Organizing Committee

The core SS21 committee comprises of Ang Tshering Sherpa, Dawa Steven Sherpa, Dr. Ganesh Gurung and Lisa Choegyal

Organizing Committee


Watch full messages from our esteemed contributors. Click on the thumbnails below:

Shilshila Acharya

Carolina Adler

Pasang Lhamu

Sarah Alexander

Randy W. Berry

Chris Bonington

Alton Byers

Helen Clark

Elton Davis

Ani Choying

Ben Fogle

Eric Fournier

Aria Neaeesh

Zac Goldsmith

GhanaShyam Gurung

Krishna Gurung

Tommy Gustafsson

Pema Gyamtsho

Geoff Hill

Mitsu Iwasaki

Matthias Jurek

Nanki Kaur

Aisha Khan

Anu K Lama

Ellen Lapham

Reinhold Messner

Prem Moktan

Sara Beysolow Nyanti

Arnico K Panday

Nicola Pollitt

Sarika Pradhan

Nirmal Purja

Padmakshi Rana

Dhananjay Regmi

Roger Robinson

Lou Sanson

Alok Sharma

Ang Tshering Sherpa

Yi Shaoliang

Arun B Shrestha

Anne-Marie Trevelyan

Naba Bikram Kishore Tripura

Radha Wagle

Sonam Wangchuk

Te Ngaehe Wanikau

Olivier Moret & Stéphane Lozac'hmeur

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